Thursday, January 18, 2007


So "getting tagged" or "tagging" aren't terms limited to when one is speaking about graffiti or sex; one can also use either/or when speaking about blogs? The answer is yes.

I was "tagged" by Katie Schorr to list five things that you don't know about me. While it feels a bit like participating in a chain-letter, I'm not enough of a wet blanket to not participate.

1. I am a very old soul but a very late bloomer. Go figure.

2. I check my horoscope every month. Then I check the horoscopes of people close to me. I get anxious or excited, depending. I am ashamed of all of this, but not enough to stop doing it.

3. You know those "getting your first period" nightmare stories? Here's another. I was fourteen and in the middle of an AUDITION to be part of a TOURING DANCE COMPANY. In a LEOTARD. During a HIGH-KICK COMBO IT started happening. I excused myself and in the bathroom I realized that I was a woman. I was a woman all over my LEOTARD. So I "cleaned up", crammed some toilet paper in my crotch, and went back to the audition. BOTCHED IT! While waiting to hear about callbacks, some other girls and I got to chatting. We sat on the floor in a circle and they all started talking about when they got their first period. "When did you get yours?" This was asked by Georgina, the prettiest, most developed, least-likely-to-get-her-period-during-an-audition girl in the group. "Uh, right now," I said. "What?!" All the girls were appalled. "Yeah, today." "Today?! During the audition?!" "Yes." "You got your first period right NOW?!" "YES! NOW! IT'S HAPPENING NOW!"

When my mom came to pick me up she asked,"How was the audition?" and I burst immediately into tears. I didn't make the dance company, but that has not stopped me from high-kicking it and making jazz-hands. Or getting my period. I just don't wear LEOTARDS when I do it.

4. I was a real ham as a kid. After dinner I would disappear from the table, put my hair in braids, and run full-speed back into the kitchen screeching "IT'S PIPPI LONGSTOCKING TIME!!!" I would then regale my family with stories about what I, Pippi Longstocking, had done that day. Mostly adventure tales with my animal friends, if you must know. My family tolerated this a really really long time.

5. I am a twin.

Now: Cod.

I cooked it last night, and it came out AWESOME. I am so proud of myself I really can't help but brag about how good it was! And so SIMPLE to make! I put two defrosted filets in aluminum foil, dusted them with an Old Bay-type seasoning, a pinch of salt, and some ground pepper. Then I laid them on pats of butter and covered them with lemon slices. Added a little olive oil for moisture. Tented the alumninum foil, put it on a baking sheet, and set it in a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes. They came out DELISH -- moist (I hate that word, but that's what they were, they were moist. I'm just being accurate), lemony, buttery, very yummy yummy, and there was no fishy smell in my kitchen!

Then the best thing happened, my friend called to ask me what I was up to. I said I was up to cooking, and I invited him over to eat. He'd already eaten, but he said he'd "watch me eat." This was The Best, because 1) I now had a witness to my GLORIOUS COOKING and 2) he bought a good bottle of Italian white. Allow me to brag some more: my friend, upon looking at the fish, said "it looks great!" This was BEFORE he drank half a bottle of wine, so I know he wasn't lying! I made him Nutella on Tea Biscuits for dessert. Yes, I am VERY CLASSY and EUROPEAN.

I now cannot wait to cook more; this was such a nice confidence boost! Aw, I just kissed my biceps, gave myself a high-five, and whispered "You rule," to myself.

I know, I know: Such. A. Dork.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

About that cod adventure; I should know better than to ever read your blog without "poise"

5:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This from anonymous #2:
"I didn't know that!"

12:02 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

Moges - Have you ever eaten at Alfama? It's a delish Portugese restaurant on Hudson, and the specialize in cod, which is apparently a tradish dish in Portugal. I did not know but we go there a lot and it is fabs. Good wines and cheeses too.

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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