Monday, November 27, 2006


With your leftovers? What do you make, how do you make it? Do you have a secret flavor/ingredient combo whose power you feel like unleashing? Perhaps in the comment section? Of this blog? GO FOR IT!

I'm full of ideas, but I'm also very suggestable. Here is an example of both those traits.

Here is an idea: (that I've never actually executed but I KNOW it's good):

Take two chocolate brownies. Fresh or a couple of days old -- it doesn't matter. Then scramble up some eggs (they should be fresh). Then fry up some bacon. Sandwich the eggs and bacon in between the brownies. Drizzle maple syrup on the eggs and bacon. Then eat what I will now refer to as a Brownie Breakfast Sandwich. You might get diabetes and/or have a heart-attack within a fortnight, but also you might not. And even if you do: WORTH IT! I know the Brownie Breakfast Sandwich seems like the ideal Stoner Meal, but that's only because it is. I think I will start to make them, package them in tinfoil, and sell them to toked-out frat boys and girls at Dave Matthew's concert parking lots. Hold on: I will never do that. I love myself TOO MUCH!

How I am suggestable:

I have a sinus infection which is very much like a cold but way more dastardly. Part of its dastardliness is that yesterday it kept me in bed for most of the day and FORCED me to order in my dinner. Which, of course, was Yummy House Chinese food. Yummy House (I've mentioned it before) isn't so much 'yummy' as it is reliable and quick, but who would ever frequent a restaurant called 'Reliable House' or 'Quick House'? I maybe would. But then again...I'm suggestable. In any case, Yummy House is hit-or-miss. Last night I missed. I was prepared only to order a hot vegetable noodle soup as a panacea to my congestion, but when I got on the phone to make my order, I decided to engage the person on the other end in a way that sabotaged my dinner. I became indecisive and asked her, "What's good for a cold? Which soup is The Best?" She told me the chicken curry soup was good, so I ordered that with an extra helping of broccoli and spinach ("One dollar extra!") and cellophane noodles ("Oh...You gonna pay another dollar!"). Then I really blew it. I asked, "Is that enough food if I'm hungry?" and she didn't say no and she didn't say yes. She said, "What else?" So I panicked and blurted out "Steamed veggie dumplings!" even though I didn't want them. After hanging up I realized I could just save the veggie dumplings for tomorrow's lunch, no regrets.

So then my order comes (quickly and reliably), and I get ready to eat it. The chicken in the chicken curry soup is...FRESH. Like, skin on, bone in, hacked pieces of Real Deal chicken. Which I always appreciate, except when I'm sick and want to make quick work of my dinner. Who eats soup with her hands? I do. Did. Ew. I stained my white terry Juicy Couture pants with yellow curry, which is fine because I'm not a 15 year old living in 2002 Dix Hills, and I really shouldn't wear those pants outside of my apartment anyway, but still -- kind of sad! I held a short Jap-funeral for their whiteness and then finished off the soup. All of it. I was sweating by the end because it was spicy and also because, like a fat man, eating quickly makes me sweat. Again: ew. I guess I was full, but since when does that matter?

I looked at the veggie dumplings, which were supposed to be today's lunch, and, I'll be honest: they were looking pretty cute in all their cinched-up doughy greenness. I ate one. Then I ate four. Then I finished off all eight. Dabnabit! Now I was REALLY full and REALLY sweating, and I still had a sinus infection. AND my pants looked like I made an accident all over them.

I shoulda just stuck with my original plan. Or: stop talking to strangers. Or, better: stop being so lonely that I talk to Yummy House employees longer than I need to.

Okay, so I just shared. Big time. Now you share: get those leftover recipes in, people!


Blogger Kim said...

My BF will eat anything that's leftover if it's wrapped in bacon.

It's kinda gross, really.

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Brendan said...

my favorite leftover is fried spaghetti. my grandma used to make it for me when i was a kid. if you have some spaghetti and sauce in tupperware, fry it in butter until some sections are crispy and add liberal amounts of romano or parmesan. the way the sauce fuses to the pasta...mmm.

5:06 PM  
Blogger Ramshackle Ding-Dong said...

When I have leftover tuna or salmon filets/steaks, I mix it with mayo the next day and make the best tuna salad sandwich. (Items to include in tuna salad, not necessarily all at once: horseradish, lemon juice, salt, chopped scallions, onions, or...chopped celery, dill weed or dill pickles/relish)

10:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whenever I have a big, yet special dinner at Katz's, there's naturally gonna be leftovers. I always get the cutter to include an extra slice or two of rye, plus scores of pickles! So the next day, there's easily enough for a whole 'nother sandwich/meal. Of course, remember to get some extra mustard. Anyhow, heat the leftover - on the rye - in the micro, just long enough to get the residual fat moist again, and voila! a gormet's feast times two!

12:06 AM  
Blogger Birch said...

Leftover meat&noodle/rice-heavy (and not sauce-heavy) chinese or thai food in a lightly-cheesed quesedilla or heated burrito.

2:15 PM  

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