Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The New Year is hard. It's so cold! Right now, the season mirrors itself; the weather isn't a coincidence. It's appropriate.

Look, I know I need a Bahamavention, but it's not gonna happen so I'll settle for warm foods that soothe. Like soup. Best when taken with friends who soothe. Like B.

I met her and her baby at a totally decent Vietnamese place and played about an hour's worth of hooky from work so that I could fill up on some chicken rice-noodle soup and hot tea.

Thank God for B. Atheist, agnostic, true believer: Thank God for B. She is as much a winter panacea as any soup could be, and just knowing that she's willing to haul ass and baby 35 blocks downtown to meet me for a quickie lunch means so much.

The soup was good. But when I think about it now I'm sure I ate too much! There's not enough room in my body for all that liquid and now tears are squeezing themselves from my eyes.


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