Tuesday, March 14, 2006


It's amazing how quickly one gets back to one's routine after one has been away from it. Or, to be more precise, it's amazing how quickly I have gotten back to MY routine after just one week away.

Case in point: last night's dinner. It was, yet again, a bowl of cereal taken at 11pm in my bedroom. Healthy cereal, at least; it was a flaxseed and quinoa poor-man's version of Cheerio's sans sugar but with more crunch. Please don't take that last sentence as bragging, as I am not proud of myself. I mean I'm proud of myself, but not about that.

Being back in Manhattan has accelerated my life, and while I like a fast pace I do appreciate the slowness of vacation, the only time when I've nothing pressing to get to, which allows me to actually luxuriate in my meals. And by "luxuriate" I mean to say that I still wolf down the food before me with all the speed of a cruise missile, but at least I sit at the table for awhile afterwards, digesting like a proper lady.

I don't really mind the late-night cereal dinners. While perfunctory, they ARE satisfying, and I see them as a mildly unfortunate but temporary phase, like puberty. Maybe this is me paying dues; I hope so, because if it's not temporary but instead an omen of how my life will ultimately play out, I'll just go adopt one thousand cats right now and stop plucking my eyebrows.


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