Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I'll eat that. If you're done, I mean. Even if you're not. I will eat that. Whatever you're having, I'll have, too. Don't throw that out! I'll take care of it, PRONTO! You're full? But there's still food on your plate! Why don't you slide it over here. I'm all over that. I just hate to waste. Oh, it's cold now? No problem. I'll eat it. What are you gonna do with that extra sauce? Just leave it there?! Gimme! I've got a spoon. That's right: I'm going to sip your sauce with a spoon. Why? 'Cause it's THERE. And I hate to waste. Trust me. I will EAT that. Hold up! you're not gonna eat your crust? I'LL eat your crust! That's FOOD, not GARBAGE. Glad one of us knows the difference. No, I'm not full. I'm NEVER full. Hollow leg? Ha! Ha! Not me! See all that food on your plate? I will EAT that. Even if you won't. Ha! Ha! Why? Because I'm still hungry. Why? Because I'm ALWAYS hungry. I'm INSATIABLE! Ha! Ha! A dog would stop at this point? Is that some sort of insult? Ha! Ha! Go fuck yourself! Ha! Ha! But first: slide that plate over my way. Ha! Ha! Yes, I'm serious. Seriously serious. I will eat that.


Blogger garin said...

I've got some extra M@M's in my MRE if you want them!! I also have some crakers with cheese spread too!! I like reading your blog so as a good and decent human being I'm not gonna give you those(trust me you don't want them!!)..
(also got some chickletts and mini-hot sauce as well)

4:37 PM  
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