Monday, January 29, 2007


Steel pins and surgery are not enough, and hope is not enough, so I am sad for Barbaro today. He's just a horse! But I love horses, and I love a winning horse, and I especially love a winning horse who can become at once a dog, an underdog, because of a terrible accident that shatters his right hind leg, a strong leg that seems to mend and in so mending makes me hopeful, but then again it's a right hind leg that doesn't mend, a strong right leg whose injury is so much stronger, so that, too much, it's all too much, it's all injury, and so the right hind leg and the left hind leg, and the two front legs and the gorgeous horse hair and gorgeous horse head and the everything horsey, the gallop and the gait and all the gorgeous horse grace that makes up a horse is down.

They put him down.

And I am weeping for a horse.

If I tell you that my tears are salty, does it count as a food review?


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