Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I have 12 cans of Diet Dr. Pepper Berries & Cream next to me. I tried to buy a single can, but I couldn't find it ANYWHERE! Way to distribute your beverages, Dr. Pepper! By the way: I'm being SARCASTIC, JERKS!

I finally found the stuff at The Food Emporium, but only in a 12-pack. I suppose I could have NOT BOUGHT the 12-pack, but then I would have NOT DRUNK the drink. And seriously: I needed to get Berried in Cream. Doesn't everybody?! Am I taking this too far? Don't answer: I'm being RHETORICAL, JERKS!

NOBODY needs that much diet soda in such close proximity; believe me when I say that I'm 100% positive that if I drink 12 cans filled with Aspartame and Sodium Benzoate within a two week period I will be WAY closer to death than if I spread out the drinkage over a summer...or maybe even a lifetime?

I am, however, at once impressionable, susceptible, suggestable, and amenable to advertising, and also completely hostile to it. Dr. Pepper got me this time, and I just had to Had To HAD TO try their new wares.

So, how does the new potion taste?

I'll tell you: It tastes DAMN GOOD.

I was a rabid fan of Diet Dr. Pepper for a good year, but then I just stopped with the diet sodas, and my relationship with Diet Dr. Pepper faded into the past, total No Contact. I sort of miss it? But not really? Let's just say I'm moving on with my life, no regrets.

Now, this Diet Dr. Pepper Berries & Cream? It's effin GOOOOOOD! It is 50% subtle raspberry and 50% subtle vanilla and 100% tastes like a good Dr. Brown's Black Cherry Soda with a hit of sweet vanilla. But not too sweet! I HATE TOO SWEET!

I imagine it would be delightful with some Breyer's All Natural Vanilla Ice Cream floating in it. It would also be delicious after a slice of super-duper pizza. But not with: only after. A sweet-but-not-to-sweet palate cleanser, if you will. Will you? You should. It's great.

Seriously, treat yourself right: Get Berried In Cream! HA HA! I LOVE IT! IT'S INSANE AND SO AM I!


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Blogger garin said...

Is it good for camels named Maurice?? we've got a long hual to Bagdad and I've got the droOl factor allways working against me!!!

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