Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I love a good dinner party! Oh man, did I just qualify dinner party? I'm a jerk! Basically, any combination of people, homemade food, and an apartment is guaranteed to be good, so why qualify and/or be redundant?! NOT NECESSARY!

Last night I attended a dinner party with a new group of friends and it was hands down a super-duper-to-the-max-extreme-blammo-slammo delightful time! But I expected it would be, because dinner parties are just the kind of civilized evening activity I go for: they're like the Salons For The New Millenium. Without poetry readings or opium. Thank God.

This dinner party worked chiefly because its host was INCREDIBLY gracious. He prepared homemade guacamole, served these amazing Trader Joe's Thai-Spiced Peanuts (I'm now obsessed and will be buying bag-loads), made a corn-bean-salsa salad, a mixed green salad, penne, and had his chef neighbor prepare a spicy chicken and scallion stir-fry. The food was DELICIOUS! I love eating homemade food! It is better than going to a restaurant -- ALWAYS!

The rest of us bought dessert, beer, a bottle of scotch, *Dr. Pepper Berries & Cream, and wine. A lot of wine. Like, a bunch of bottles and even a single box. The box wine received a lot of attention, at first skeptical. We ultimately had a blind taste test between the box wine (Merlot) and a bottle (Malbec). Because I'm pretentious AND addicted to fermented grapes, I guessed correctly, but the rest of the party had some trouble. Eventually the bottles and most of the box were dispensed with. As was the scotch. As was our collective sobriety. Needless to say we all became very funny and entertaining indeed, with secrets being un-secreted and confessions being confessed. There was a lot of hugging and smiling. I even said "Awwww...." a couple of times, but not because my heart became full to overflowing: I said it 'cause I'm folksy.

We are all so lovely when we want to be, and now all I want to be is MORE lovely!

*I know you must be on pins and needles but sadly NOBODY drank the Berries & Cream!


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