Sunday, June 25, 2006


It's the rare manicure that will inspire a food craving, but it happened to me today!

Some backstory: one of my favorite things to do on the weekends is check out the Young Designers Market on Mulberry Street; held in the the gym of a church, it's like a really cool flea-market for independent fashion and accessories designers. I usually have luck there; this past winter I bought an adorable hand-knitted hat (lost on the subway) and gold pin of a horse (also lost!). And today I bought the best thing yet: The World's Most Fun Manicure!

I walked by a table I had never seen before, one that was showing the most amazing nail-tips I have ever seen. They were basically Kimora Lee Press-On Nails. Decorated with crystals, pearls, lace (!) and glitter, these nails would make a pre-teen girl flip out. And me, as I am basically the world's oldest 12-year-old. I've seriously never seen so much sparkly bling: it was GLORIOUS!

The artist responsible for this awesome nail beauty was a young Japanese woman named Fumi. I complimented her work and asked her how much a set cost. She said it depended on how much crystal she used, because it was real Swarovski. You know what that means: The Good Stuff! So I said, "What can you do for me for $20?" And she said, "Oh, a lot!" Which was the correct answer, and not a lie, because my nails are fucking GORGEOUS you guys! It took about an hour for her to paint and glue pearls, crystals, goldie-dots, and glitter onto my short nails (I didn't get fake tips). Because the manicure took so long, Fumi and I had a lot of time to talk and get to know each other. Which we did. I found out that she's from Tokyo, a city I've been obsessed with visiting for about 3 years because I love Japanese culture, and, especially, Japanese FOOD. Fumi said that big-time nail decoration was big-time Big in Tokyo, but hadn't really taken off in Mainstream America. Yet. I told her I would do everything in my power to make sure it became popular, because really, something so beautiful should be. In exchange, Fumi told me all the really good Japanese restaurants to try in my neighborhood. Which was awesome, because her two favorites, Kenka and Oh Taisho! are MY two favorites! "Cheap beer, cheap cheap!" she said, and I was like, "You know it, sister!"

And then my manicure was done, and I took about 20 of Fumi's cards to pass out to friends, and I told her I would probably need to see her at least once a week until she moved back to Tokyo at the end of August. And then I left and went IMMEDIATELY to JAS mart to purchase two salmon onigiri (filled triangles of sticky rice papered with seaweed), which I ate with my bare, and barely-legal-cause-they're-so-beautiful, hands. And now all I want to do is raise $1.50 glasses of Sapporo at Kenka and shout, "Fumi-san wa TOTALLY ichiban!" So I gotta go. I gotta go do just that.


Blogger jim said...

Just stay with it naturally, eat it as it comes, you will flow forth like the Fountains of Heaven in all their Glory, Your writing is great. Your Thought has to be.

I am encouraging your apetite, that is all I can do, Silence is Golden till you have something to say, and you do.

Keep working it, it'll come.

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