Monday, May 22, 2006


I cooked!

Sort of!

I made tiramisu! I mean, I HELPED make tiramisu! It wasn't my idea, I had no intention of ever making this dessert that I do not eat, but somehow I aided and abetted its existence today. I was kind of a cheapo-creepo and didn't buy any of the ingredients (including a $33 bottle of rum), well, actually, I did put in $2 for the eggs (I had NO IDEA tiramisu has eggs in it, but it does, whites AND yolks!), but otherwise I was like, "I'm not gonna be a part of this" until, as it was being made and looked like fun, I became a part of it.

Okay, off the bat: this is not a super-easy dessert. You've got to make a bunch of espresso and the stovetop espresso maker we used only made small batches so that was time-consuming. And then the espresso's gotta cool down, and the rum's gotta get splashed in (I was the rum-splasher) then the lady-fingers need to be perfectly soaked (I was the finger-soaker), which is MUCH HARDER than it seems because they can't be too soft or too firm -- they have to be soaked JUST RIGHT. I soaked them PRETTY OKAY. Then yolks need to be beaten, marscapone folded in, whites whipped into semi-firm peaks, more soft-folding (I was the soft-folder), then lady-finger layering (I layered), and then creamy-egg-marscapone mixture spread (I spread). Then you've got to wait two hours while the whole thing sets in the fridge, but I could only wait an hour on account of my IMPATIENCE but I don't think that's the reason it came out DELICIOUS but IMPERFECT I think it came out DELICIOUS but IMPERFECT because that's how all food is when you make it yourself or in tandem. FACT! And honestly, I like my dessert treats like I like my EVERYTHING else in the world: DELICIOUS and IMPERFECT. The one is dependent on the other. So go take a hike, Mutual Exclusivity! I don't believe in you!


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