Thursday, June 01, 2006


Is it premature to categorize the next few months of 2006 as Stink Summer? Because I have been eating an awful lot of gorgonzola cheese, which stinks both olfactorily and mouthtorily. A good stink. The kind of stink that, in my enjoyment of it, reminds me just how much of an animal I am, though I may walk upright and have opposable thumbs. When I eat stinky cheese I have more empathy for those dogs who dive into the carcasses of dead birds and rodents and rub and roll their necks in the deep, musty, animal stink of corroded flesh. I like that a "bad" smell or taste can actually be quite "good". Gorgonzola cheese sort of exemplifies this. As does an order of "Bad Smell Beans" from Grand Schizuan.

We all come from the Primordial Soup, you know? And when I eat stinky food (not rotten, just stinky) it reinforces my link to that Soup. Which, though I have no proof of it, I'm pretty sure smelled Awfully Delicious.


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