Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Uh oh. I can see how this is gonna go...

Last Spring I was "unemployed" for a stretch, "unemployed" meaning that I had no day job, though I did make income writing from home. My home office had a strict policy when it came to attire; I wore either big t-shirts and socks, the wet towel from my shower, or...that's right: nothing. I'm basically a closeted Nudist. And...I just came out.

So here I am again, a year later, working in a different "home office," this time NOT making income writing from home (I am in self-imposed exile from work right now). And while the "office" might be different, the attire is EXACTLY THE SAME!

I took a shower almost THREE HOURS AGO, but I literally just put on underwear and brushed my hair. BEGRUDGINGLY. And only because I REALLY SHOULD LEAVE THE HOUSE.

Baby steps.

And just like last year, this year I am EATING THE SAME THINGS! At a day job I use food to mark the passage of time. I span time more slowly Pre-lunch than I do Post-lunch (I can prove this scientifically), and I'm stealth when it comes to the requisite 4pm coffee run/snack attack; if you're good like me you can burn another hour out of the corporate day in no time. I tend to eat a lot more because of this. But in my home office, I eat so much less because I really don't NEED an excuse to leave my desk or building. Which is why, last year and this year, I exist(ed) on Honey Nut Cheerios, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, and Yogurt. They're cheap, grabbable, and/or easy to make and eat. Which is also why, starting today, I think I need to do things differently. It CAN'T be another Kindergarten Spring, where my dietary intake is that of an illiterate child. The clothes can stay off; the meal plan, though, has GOT TO CHANGE.


Blogger garin said...

Megan, your working now though right?? Because Maurice @ I are starting our own camel-rickshaw comapny called "camels for mammels" WE could allways use a pretty spokesperson with a good sense of humor!!!

4:07 PM  
Blogger crabbydad said...

As a seasoned work-at-homer, I feel your gustatory pain. I, too, eat like a 5 year old -- pbj, h/n cheerios, yogurt, pretzel 'rods', paste, etc. The key is to alternate the sweet with some savory. Have the pbj sammy, but then go for a fistful of bleu cheese stuffed olives to cleanse the palate. Offset the Cheerios with, oh, say, a turkey bologna roll-up. And never underestimate the power of the afternoon Balance bar.

9:30 AM  

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