Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I'm retiring this blog. Thanks to my readers, regular and irregular (a lot of you were irregular and wound up here after googling Dannon Activa Yogurt, a product I reviewed in a past entry). To the latter, I hope you feel better. To the former, au revoir.

I'm ending on a high note, which is this: the author Jay McInerney, whose novel Bright Lights, Big City I read at WAY TOO YOUNG AN AGE (what nine year old needs to know that in 1984 the Cool Kids called cocaine Bolivian Marching Powder?), linked to my blog in his most recent House & Garden Blog.


This is a small thing, but I just found out and I'm crying because it feels like something. I am obsessed with something, that feeling that I am always writing for, eating for, living for. The surprise, the ephemeral something, the unexpected experience that makes me feel connected and Here.

I am Here and I wrote things here and an author found me over here and read me and then connected me to his readers over where he is so that they might find me over here and read me. It's a small thing, it is nothing. It is something, it is everything. I am Here! Thank you for finding me!

You know where to put it,